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Jaeger-Lecoultre Master replica watches series to simple lines and classy shape highlights the important content in the superior, is actually honored just like a classic round watch model. This watch series showed up in this area inside the simple kind of the 20th century, fifty years, is Jaeger-Lecoultre elegant kind of the best interpretation. Master series outfitted with jaeger-lecoultre reverso replica watches exclusive development and research of high-quality movement, reliable performance, the classic aesthetic design and excellent technical performance perfect combination. Master series not only features a timeless elegance in the appearance, outfitted while using abilities ensure it is outstanding. Furthermore for the fundamental time display function, the different watches offer different abilities, for instance power storage, chronograph, alarm, second time display or automatic winding and so on.

Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Control Series watch Classic, simple situation contains excellent performance. Automatic winding device having a completely new ceramic ballbearings, together with variable inertia wheel to assist raise the durability of automatic movement. Automatic winding device having a completely new ceramic ballbearings, plus a flexible inertia balance wheel to assist enhance its reliability. Its azure bottom cover is outfitted with 22K gold self-winding movement. While using variable inertia balance wheel ensures the steadiness in the Jaeger-Lecoultre watch. To be sure the best shock resistance and excellent reliability, the quantity plate is a component of two bearings, as well as the balance spring is laser welded for the balance wheel as well as the shaft tube.

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